Sardinia Longevity Food at SIAL Paris

The best agri-food products from Sardinia, the Longevity island

and taste the delicious recipes and the exceptional wines
Directly from from 29 great Sardinian producers

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1) Welcome offer
2) Educational Tour 2019 in Sardinia
3) Program “Ambassadors of the Sardinian Longevity”.
with the collaboration of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia

Insula Sardinia Longevity Food
Associated Producers Platform – Olbia – Sardinia – Italy
with the collaboration of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia

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    Meet our amazing leaders of longevity!

    Learn the secrets of the Menù of longevity with the food and wines of Sardinia


    SARDINIA LONGEVITY FOOD: the cuisine of the longevity!
    Our network of 20 Sardinian producers covers the whole range of the high quality Sardinian origin food and wine productions.

    Sardinia, the second largest island in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, is one of the five “blue zones” of the world with the greatest number of centenarians. International studies attribute the longevity of the Sardinans to a diet based on authentic local foods and beverages.

    We offer the pure taste and scents of our longevity cuisine, inspired by the Sardinian version of the Mediterranean diet.

    We distribute these products via the “Insula” platform: a one-stop-shop for quality Sardinian food products that lets you save on shipments (groupage) and deals with our associated producers as a single point of contact.

    In addition, Sardinia Quality World, the development program for the promotion of neighborhoods and production lines of Sardinian identity, guarantees the authenticity of raw materials.

    Our best producers are also awarded in the Sial Innovation selection, and offer gastronomic, organic and natural products.