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call +39 333 999 7163 email to talk directly to our producers.
Just profile your needs, for single or assorted food bio lifestyle products an we’ll arrange a 30 minute virtual meeting tailored on you.
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We can deal in 3 ways: 

  • Physical : Book a meeting 1:1 at CIBUS  – SIAL  – ANUGA  –  SANA  – TUTTOFOOD
  • Digital : attend our online tastings
  • Phygital: ask for catalogs and samples and deal with producers in person or in remoteItaly is one of the countries where people live the longest, thanks to proper diet, healthy and tasteful food, good wine.

We are associated farmers and artisans producing the original healthy and tasteful Italian Longevity food and lifestyle products.
We arrange partnership with local importers, wholesalers, distributors, b2c.
Get your ItaliaLongevity value: attract your consumers with our promotions and the unique value of fine food&wine to live longer better

THE SYSTEM  is much more than a trade platform. ItaliaLongevity panel has  8 associated producers and introduces the international buyers ton a community of  350 producers and farmers from all the regions of Italy, bringing the products, the benefits, the unique flavors of the authentic Italian food , wine and lifestyle to the international market.
We associate only artisanal companies encompassing quality, tastiness, safety and healthiness.
Our export platform is one of the most complete and reliable sources of original Italian artisanal quality food.
It is a single point of access where buyers provide their wishlist and directly interact with the producers. Such direct sourcing allows the best quality/price ratio.
You cannot find our unique products on other channels.
Consolidation and logistic support and groupage shipments are granted from Italy;
Benefits: Longevity Week contest, Educational tours, private label , franchised scheme;
Our associates continuously provide updated offers of innovative food products, delicious while also healthy.


  1. Best quality/price ratio;
  2. Eco friendly packages;
  3. No GMO , additives, hydrogenates fats.
  4. You can deal with our store managers or directly with the producers
  5. You can upload your wishlist, or request for the specific “Longevity value” Products/services you are looking for and receive information, catalogues, quotes, samples.
  6. You can be appointed as official “ItaliaLongevity Partner” to source, buy , resell the unique assortment of Italia Longevity products, and get buyer benefits.
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