A story that is handed down from mother to son, started 30 years ago in a small workshop in the middle of Puglia. Alessandra and Roberta Carrozzo over time conquered the big international brands with their high level productions. Working together with forty women, who are now as a family, for more than 30 years are achieving ambitious goals, such as the Sosud brand, founded in 2015: their dream that becomes reality day after day. A history of successful female entrepreneurship, a winning south.

His school was a small tailoring.

During the 7 years spent in tailoring he learned to touch the product, create, build, sew, finish the clothes; behind his clothes there is a strong research and study.

The artistic vision

One of the strengths of his studio is the interior construction, the cut, the finishes and everything that is hidden, invisible, to the care of the micro details, giving to women wearing his garments, comfort and uniqueness thanks to his incredible stylistic research and continuous historical re-enactment that is present in all of his collections.

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