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In the early eighties the biological movement began to increase more concretely than happened until those days. The young people of the seventies, now more adults, began to transpose in their work and activities the ideals that had revolutionized the world at the time; among the many ideologies and schools of thought generated in that period, that of respect for nature and animals, and the concept of vegetarian food, were among the most felt by the person who in 2012 will deposit the Regina Verde brand.

In fact, they began to open a series of shops and box offices that sold bread, rice and wholemeal pasta, oriental teas, seitan and few other organic products. With this nascent market and the desire to improve and develop a product that combines the ethics of organic philosophy with a tasty, balanced and easy to cook dish, a company named Dido (1985) was born, located in a beautiful area del trentino, and fully equipped to produce the Vamburger.

The Vamburger was the first Italian vegetable burger, composed of seitan mixed with whole grains and soy sauce, worked with a particular method, which made it aesthetically similar to meat. The Vamburger was mainly intended for the sandwich shop market, which was very popular at the time and for supermarkets with a health sector.
typical national salami, high quality cooked ham, mortadella, culatello, breech, raw hams, cotechino, fresh and seasoned specialties.

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