Il Giardino del Bergamotto

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Farm “Fulvia Attinà”

Founded 70 years ago, since 2009 the farm follows organic cultivation, certified by Bioagrigert s.r.l. The farm is extended over 45.000 mq, almost entirely with bergamot plants. All the three variety of bergamot are present: “fantastico”, spherical in shape and semismooth skin (90% of the cultivation), “castagnaro”, medium size fruits, less spherical and a bit wrinkled, and “femminello”, small spherical fruits and very smooth skin. The farm is located in Rodì, Condofuri (Reggio Calabria province), in the heart of the Grecanic area. The bergamot fruit is yellow and it is harvested between November and March. In our farm, the fruits is picked and processed within 2 hours, in the lab located next to the plants. Except for chocolate and sugar, all other raw materials used in our products come from the farm. A photovoltaic plant (15kw) built in December 2015 generates enough energy to run the drip irrigation system and all the machines used in the lab.

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