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Cisapaper is a brand born in 2009 as a coffee filter paper dispenser for pods.

Subsequently, we have expanded our production range by selling paper cups with lid, paper cups, filter paper, coffee pods and capsules, birch wood pallets, becoming an authoritative company in the coffee market.

By grouping several articles of the coffee industry, the Staritaly S.r.l holding company was born, which always pays special attention to the eco-sustainability of the materials used, the production and distribution systems.

Our company, young and dynamic, has always focused on the need to convert and sensitize the global market towards the use of paper cups, replacing them with the consumption of plastic, which has a very high polluting impact on the planet.

Cisapaper has given life to many new projects, entering into synergy with important multinationals, such as Ahlstrom, for the large-scale distribution of products in the coffee roasting industry.

We at Cisapaper select only the best raw materials, optimize costs by saving on consumption, avoid waste and want to be the spokespersons of an eco-friendly lifestyle through the promotion of our products.

Becoming part of our company philosophy means relying on professionals in the production and distribution of products made according to FDA and FSC certifications. It means designing customized packaging, making them in collaboration with avant-garde creatives, always one step ahead!

The products distributed by us are characterized by a perfect combination of: eco-sustainable materials, functionality and design. The raw materials used for the production of glasses, pods and capsules, are all FDA and FSC certified, placing us in the coffee-growing market segment with competitiveness and quality, always. Our company is constantly evolving, growing and research, boasting numerous customers nationally and Legislative Decree No. 81 (9th April 2008) on workplace health and safety.

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