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“The skin is permeable and absorbs the substances it comes into contact with. When we use cosmetics for cleaning or caring for our body, we apply them on the skin and then absorb a part of it.
That’s why for us cosmetics, like food, must be natural, healthy and organic.
For this reason we produce in Italy a few but healthy plant-based, vegan, clean cosmetics, trying to have a conscious consumption with a low environmental impact, respecting the nature that surrounds us and ourselves.
Ours is a production with completely natural and effective recipes, without GMOs, silicones, parabens, or Sles, Edta, synthetic perfumes or dyes, or petroleum derivatives. We prefer raw materials at km O or from fair trade. We do not use palm oil. The fragrances are given exclusively by the essential oils used. Each of our products is certified as Biocosmesi by the Suolo & Salute Institute.
We do not test finished products or ingredients on animals, we do not commission animal tests on the finished product and ingredients, and we do not use ingredients tested on animals by producers starting at least from 2013 (year of establishment of the company). Flows and packaging have also been chosen to produce the minimum environmental impact. ”

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