Acetaia Guerzoni

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Our story begins with grandfather Arduino and grandma Zina. After many years of work in the countryside of the lower Modena, with the savings of a lifetime have managed to buy an old cottage surrounded by the vineyard. The son Felice, with his wife Iride, has started the progressive conversion of the vineyards towards the Biological and the Biodynamic. In the 70s, it was considered a madness. The profound respect for nature has allowed us to overcome all difficulties. In the early 80s, our farm, when still in Italy the organic certification did not exist, respected the German biodynamic regulations. The certification, in those times, was therefore issued by a German control body (Demeter). In the same years the production of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena began. Even today our vinegar factory is the only one in the world to be certified organic and biodynamic. This is perhaps one of our greatest boast.

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