Aromi Di Utra (Azienda agricola Dinatale Concetto)

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The Dinatale Concetto farm was founded in 1992 in Monterosso Almo, in the “Utra” district, in the heart of the Iblei Mountains, an area particularly suited to the cultivation of aromatic herbs.
The favorable pedoclimatic conditions of this area of ​​Sicily at about 700 meters above sea level, limestone and light, are the essential elements, we would say the ingredients of our production of aromatic herbs and give our products those particular organoleptic properties that make them unique in the panorama of medicinal and aromatic herbs.
In this territory origan, fennel, laurel, thyme, rosemary are plants that grow wild and are part of the native flora of this area of ​​the Iblea Province that make it unique by impregnating it with their thousand perfumes and since 1992 we have enclosed these particular peculiarities and characteristics in a phrase “Aromas of Utra”.
Since the beginning our production has respected this land to which we are deeply linked, in fact the planted plants come from the same wild plants gathered in the hill around the land we cultivate.

Our production cycles as well as fertilizations are conducted according to strict biological methods and without the use of chemical products.
The scrapping works are carried out rigorously by hand several times during the production cycle and along the rows are hoed and weed out weeds.
When the plants reach the right ripeness, we provide for their collection. The plants are cut and dried to be immediately processed and packaged.
Our productions are subjected to analysis by certified laboratories and to the control of the company Ecogoruppo Italia s.r.l.
Only in this way have we obtained natural, fragrant, aromatic and superior quality products that are able to enhance every dish, in the wake of the best Sicilian farming culture that has always given these herbs the right place in preparing the delicacies of traditional and popular cuisine.

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